At LNCG, we’re a group of creatives all here to collaborate with you on developing beautiful things.

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Design Excellence

We’re artists at heart and believe in creating design that is visually stimulating, professional and of a certain class. Design something beautiful and people notice the message. Design something mediocre and people notice how bad the design is. The trick to professional design? Design something so tantalizing¬†that people want to be a part of your business.

Marketing and Sales Funnel

At the core of our strategy is building with the marketing and sales funnel in mind and setting the foundation for a cohesive marketing automation machine for your business.  Statistics show that marketing automation improves business flow, builds customer loyalty and better connects with a current customer base, turning them into advocates.

An Extension of Your Company

We’re a part of your team, and we’re rooting for you. We don’t see ourselves as an individual agency because we see ourselves more as an extension of your company. You reap all the rewards of having an entire marketing department without the high costs of hiring an entire team.

Our agency is located in beautiful downtown Annapolis, Maryland.