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Our Leadership

Get to know some of the people on our team who are steering the growth and development of the company.

Our Global Team

People love our work, but they hire us because of our people. We believe that technology is made better by approaching challenges with a humanistic perspective. Meet our Team Leaders who champion projects with our global team.

Naly Rice

Founder and CEO

Chris Rice


Rishav Das

IT Manager

Blazej Polkowski

Creative Director

Chris Nowak

Head of UX & UI

PJ McDermott

Project Manager

Poulav Biswas

Software Engineer

Peter Polus

Art Director

Jameel Khan

Video & Graphic Animator

Joely Lara

Senior Graphic Designer

Rimi Datta

Social Media Specialist

Wahab Niazi

Development Engineer

Chloe LaPointe

Web Developer

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