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We've developed, and continue to refine, our process over the years to better serve clients and their businesses. Take the guess work out of how our team at LN Creative Group operates and find out why companies love our on-boarding and off-boarding process when the time to transition comes.

Discover What It's Like Working with LNCG

New to LN Creative Group and Managed Marketing? It can be daunting to adopt a new process, transition to a partial or fully managed marketing solution. Below outlines a high level overview of our process.

1. The Brief

We listen to your business goals, marketing goals, and target markets you’re reaching. Through the brief you complete, it leads to the next step…

2. The Research

We work as a true partner to you, listening carefully to your business and marketing goals, target markets, and more. During this stage, we conduct a number of market research, industry news, competition, and more.

3. On-boarding: Strategy & Planning

Now that you’ve chosen LNCG for your MarTech Needs, we take the brief and the research to develop a unique plan to your business or organization and your needs. We agree on a strategy together and begin planning and timelines.

4. Implementation & MarTech Stack

Your new LNCG Project Manager will walk you through the on-boarding process, which lasts between 2 weeks to a month. It’s a pivitol moment for us to understand and document your marketing framework, software, platform, processes, etc. We also implement MarTech software like Salesforce and HubSpot or your Association Management Software in this step.

5. Monthly Managed Marketing take-off

After Implementing your MarTech stack, you’re ready to sit back and let us execute on the monthly tasks.  Your Project Manager will work with a team of creatives, developers, marketings, and technologists to get your projects and tasks completed with regular check-ins in the next step. 

6. Check-in Calls & Monthly Reporting

Now that you’re all set up, your Project Manager will set up weekly or bi-weekly calls with you for check-ins (like any marketing department would) to review status and progress. Once a month, a report is produced and reviewed to ensure we’re on target or need to modify dates. Now you can enjoy month-to-month Marketing Department services. Need something off-hand or a-la-carte? Just let us know!

Off-Boarding Process

We’re popular for our awesome off-boarding process when you’re transitioning to an in-house team, to a new partner, or your project simply ended. Learn why so many businesses appreciate our off-boarding process and eventually partner with us on future endeavors again.

Initiate 30-Day Service Termination

You simply submit the 30 Day Service Termination form. We'll let the team know, issue a final invoice, and move your account into off-boarding mode.

Service End Meeting

We'll set up a service ending meeting with you and your LNCG team to wrap up any tasks currently in the que and brief your team on next steps. A final service date is also established.

Final Documents & MarTech Stack

Your Project Manager will collect all of your files, images, design items, etc. and zip it up in a concise file for you to keep. We store the files for 5 years in case you ever need it.

Training & Transition

We utilize the last week to train your internal marketing liaison on how to use the software, next steps, templates created, and answer any tech questions you may have or point you in the right direction.

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