About Us

Our Story

From our humble beginnings to where we are now, and bravely reinventing our future.

Our History So Far

Naly Rice, notices a gap in the marketplace for a marketing company with true technology experience after searching for a marketing company. She registers the business name, and continues working full-time at her day job.
As time progresses and Naly moves into another role at a cloud company, she faces the same issue again. During this time, rapid technology and software growth transforms the marketing and sales department. Forbes declares "Marketing-as-a-Service as the future of marketing," and Naly quits her job to work on the business full-time.
The first client is a technology company. The concept for the MarTech Portal begins to form.
The MarTech Portal goes from idea to concepts and sketches. LNCG has three clients now in technology, nonprofits, and professional services.
LNCG continues growth into consumer goods and more nonprofit accounts. Founder and CEO, Naly Rice, becomes 2018 Keynote Speaker at Maryland Women's Conference to discuss her journey to entrepreneurship and offer tips to women entrepreneurs.
LNCG hires IT Manager in Kolkata, India and Software Engineer to begin work on MarTech Portal. LNCG continues steady growth as marketing automation continues growth in business world. Naly Rice becomes Keynote Speaker at 5th Annual Women's Summit.
Naly Rice is named Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network's Woman of the Week. LNCG hires new Project Manager and Developer.

A Bright Future

Future of LNCG

Our mission is to make technology marketing simply for people so they can build the business of their dreams.

MarTech Portal

Our patent-pending and trademarked MarTech Portal is a force managing marketing technology stacks in the industry.