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We love working collaboratively to help make a difference in our local and global communities. Technology marketing can have a lasting impact for a nonprofit, cause, or underprivileged entrepreneurs. To apply or nominate someone that could benefit from pro bono technology marketing please contact us.

How it Works

Our team volunteers their time to each pro bono project after a careful selection process. We listen and learn about what you need, research is completed and a plan with tasks are executed.

Pro Bono Application

Do you know a nonprofit, association, or entrepreneur who could benefit from pro bono technology marketing? Apply to be considered for our next project.

Previous Pro Bono Work

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Maryland Writer's Association

The Maryland Writer’s Association needed a fresh look for their Writer’s Conference promoting the Arts in Maryland and connecting writers to real avenues for publishing. LNCG worked with their team to build a more youthful look that would appeal to the many writers in Maryland who didn’t know about the resources.


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