WHY LN Creative Group?

Your Marketing Team in the Cloud

Marketing-as-a-Service is revolutionizing the way people think about their marketing department due to rapid technology growth, costs, and software expertise. At LN Creative Group, we’re a team of technologist, marketers, designers, copywriters, developers, animators, and more all working to support your initiatives since 2013.

The Problem with Marketing Technology

  • Rapid software/technology adoption forces companies & agencies to reconsider marketing personnel.
  • Technical Marketing Expertise is difficult to find and maintain in-house.
  • Marketing task execution is continuous and hard to keep up with.
  • Budgets make it hard to get the most impact with limited funds.
  • Aligning goals with company is lacking from traditional agencies.

The Solution

Marketing-as-a-Service with LNCG

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are making the switch to Marketing-as-a-Service to streamline, save costs, and quickly launch campaigns with tech marketing expertise.

Technology Marketing Expertise

All of our team members have previous experience working at technology, software, and marketing companies with a focus on technology. We remain software agnostic and match the right professional to your project.

Save costs on marketing operations

Divert resources to other needs while saving on costs with retaining a full in-house team. We can partner with your marketing specialist, serve as an extension to your team, or be your dedicated cloud marketing team.

agile and flexible

Our team is our secret sauce, and our expertise in technology is our passion. This allows our team to strategize, advice, deploy and report with ease and nimbleness while you focus on your business.

How We Manage Your Marketing Technology Stack

A marketing technology stack is a grouping of software that marketers, businesses, and organizations use to plan, track, and execute marketing activities. At LNCG, we are your cloud marketing department, managing your platforms, planning with you, and executing on projects, tasks, and campaigns. Welcome to the future of marketing.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Marketing Automation Software (MA)

Social Media Channels

Content Management System (CMS)

Data & Analytics Tracking

Other Marketing Software you maintain internally

Agile Project Management

Project management is a big deal within engineering and development teams.  At LNCG, we use the same project management style to ensure that everything is completed in timely sprint runs.

Predictable Pricing

LNCG has the same monthly costs, so you can focus on growing your business, go to market faster, and develop creative campaigns across your digital platforms.


Need a short-term marketing solution while you ramp up? Want to partner us with your marketing department whenever needed? LNCG provides full-service marketing services that are highly scalable.

Project Manager

A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to you and they’ll see your project through from beginning to end. Have any questions? Your Project Manager is a your immediate touch point.

Weekly Touch points

Set up weekly or bi-weekly check-in points with your Project Manager to ensure your marketing is being tended to and update us on any changes.

Monthly Reports

Just like any marketing department, we produce a monthly report of your current projects, tasks, and on-going campaigns with recommendations for improvement.

Our Strategic Process

Market Research

We start all projects with and in-depth assessment of your market to understand where you sit and unveil available opportunities.

Positioning & Strategy

Based on our assessments, we help you develop a strategy that makes you stand out from your competitors and attracts the right leads.

Brand Analysis

A thorough analysis of your current brand is performed with updates to align with the new strategy. We’ll design and develop a new website and introduce new software to support automation.

Marketing Tactics Mix

Only after research do we carefully decide which marketing tactics to use and establish a unique marketing mix specific to your company and your target markets.


We’re an extension of your team and we evaluate, measure, and try new tactics when things don’t work.

Continuous Refinement

We work as a cohesive unit with your company to continuously refine, update, and improve on your marketing efforts that drives business results.

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