#MarTechNow Services

#MarTechnow services

Managed marketing is a great solution for businesses and organizations of all kinds. It allows you to concept, create, and deploy repeatable marketing tasks or campaigns all at one predictable price.

How it works

We created a new service called #MarTechNow to better serve our clients with their digital marketing campaigns.  Times have changed, and so has your business marketing needs.  We’re keeping right up by developing this new feature. 

How does this benefit you?  Now, you can purchase a la carte services as you need them without a contract commitment.  Each service package has different turn around times, and you can easily pay for all the services through our MarTech Portal.  

Ready to start on your first #MarTechNow service?  This is how it works.

  1. Select the service package you want.
  2. Complete the required information for each order.
  3. Include any uploads, attachments, images, files to the service package order.  You can also email your items to support@lncreativegroup.com and include your invoice number.
  4. Complete the payment process and receive your invoice number.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
  6. A member of our team will receive the order, carefully review the requirements and email you within 24 hours to discuss the task.
  7. Set up a brief call or virtual consultation with a member of the LNCG team.
  8. LNCG’s Team will assign the task to a member of our team to complete in the allotted time.
  9. Review and revision. Every #MarTechNow service comes with up to 3 revisions. Once the item is approved, the item is securely sent to you via the MarTech Portal for you to download.
  10. Congratulations, you’ve just completed your first #MarTechNow service through LN Creative Group.


Any questions or concerns?  Feel free to contact us at 1 (855) MAR – TECH or 1 (855) 627 – 8324.  Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you.

Not quite ready yet?  Schedule an appointment with a member of our MarTech Team and we’ll help answer any questions you may have. 

Schedule your appointment by calling us at 1 (855) MAR – TECH or 1 (855) 627 – 8324.  Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you.