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As the coronavirus pandemic continues changing all of our lives on a global scale, our team has gotten together to discuss how we can bring value to entrepreneurs and small business owners through our blog content.

Our main goal at LNCG has always been to make Tech Marketing Simple for our clients so they can focus on growing their own business. With our team’s deep marketing, technology, business, and design experience we’re writing and sharing in hopes of helping you and your business. 

Additionally, we’ll also share more articles from around the web that bring value to our clients and community of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We can get through this together.

We’ve come up with a list of blog topics asked from clients, scoured on internet forums, and casually discussed among business owners.  The LNCG blog aims to cover topics in these main categories:



What does marketing even mean any more? It’s so wide and vast and spans so many things now. From social media to banner ads to graphic design and artificial intelligence, we’ll explore the world of MarTech and what it all means for your business.


How is technology changing and shaping the landscape for business owners?  How did Marketing and Technology become MarTech?  Increase in remote work will increase cybersecurity awareness for your business.


General business topics help cover answers that tie into marketing and technology with tips on improving operations, processes, and more.


The secret weapon that most business owners toss to the way side may actually be the very best investment you’ll ever make. What’s up with design in 2020 for digital ads, websites, software, apps, consumer branding, and more.


We hope these topics cover the gamut of how our team can assist you and your company through the pandemic and beyond.  The business landscape has completely changed and we’re all in this together.  If you have any blog ideas, please submit them to Thank you!



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