Digital Marketing
& Advertising

Developing multi-touch digital marketing campaigns requires coordination, consistency, and strategic visuals and communication. Working together, we partner with you to develop targeted campaigns and processes to ensure business marketing continuity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Implementing CRM software like Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot can be frustrating. We implement the software, customize, configure, and train your team on it. One and done!

Content Management Software (CMS)

Managing your organization's content, data, files, and website in a CMS keeps things organized. Create, manage, and deploy quality website content with a CMS of your choice, implemented by us,

Google Advertising

Want to get on Google ads? We'll help setup your account, optimize your current account, and or build a specific text, display or dynamic ad campaign.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Social media advertising can be a confusing landscape, much less to advertise in. We set you up on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more with a strategy and plan.

Marketing On Demand

New digital a la carte options make it easy for you to request specific services without a long-term commitment.  We complete the projects in agile mode making us organized, efficient, and saving you money.

Marketing Campaign Development & Execution

Take it one campaign at a time with a cohesive message to get things started. Whether you're looking for a specific campaign or to build a large multi-touch campaign, we're here for you.

Marketing Automation

We'll help you discover marketing automation and take you through training and implementation to get your program up and running.

Email Marketing

Send targeted, well-designed emails with valuable content to your email list or prospects. Best part? We're software agnostic to better accommodate your needs.

Social Media

Figuring out your organization's rhythm with social media is easier with LNCG. We'll plan, design, and execute on it all for you.

Media Buying in a Target Market

Building an ad is one thing, making sure the right people see it is another. Target market media buying requires deep research that uncovers all potential avenues for a cohesive digital campaign from trade publications, websites, email, and associations.

Data & Analytics

Implement data or analytics tools to your marketing activities to determine its effectiveness. Get Google Analytics and other tools implemented to stop guessing and learn more about your community.

Upgrading Your Digital Advertising For A New Era In Business.