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What is Marketing-as-a-Service?

Learn more about Marketing-as-a-Service, sometimes referred to as Managed Marketing, and why more businesses and organizations are making the switch to a remote marketing team.

Who is switching to MaaS?

Small, Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)

SMBs are a great fit for Marketing-as-a-Service to have the full functionality of a marketing department without the cost of hiring, training, and retaining a full in-house team.

Associations & Organizations

Managing the marketing and website aspects of an association or organization can be daunting. Partner with LNCG to become your go-to outsourced marketing team that helps you work more efficiently while you focus on growth and value.

Corporate Companies

Large corporations are making the switch as well to save money, reduce in-house costs and divert resources to other important business matters. LNCG can do partial or full managed marketing services.

E-Commerce Websites

Designing an e-commerce site is hard, running the day-to-day functionality is even harder. Our team works within Shopify or Woo-Commerce to get you up and running.

Local, State, & Federal Governments

Local, state, and federal agencies are switching to MaaS to reduce costs, hire up-front marketing technology experts to get your project done, and all in an agile and timely way.


Gearing up your startup for launch? Need help productizing, designing, or developing your digital presence? LNCG helps you go to market faster with our marketing services.

Benefits of Marketing-as-a-Service


Get up and running faster with our team of marketing technology experts. Consider us your off-site marketing department.


Whether you’re a startup or established business, ramping up or down is easy to save costs.

Consumption Based

Pay only for the services that you actually need and use rather than being forced into a program.


Our processes and delivery methods have been standardized so you have peace-of-mind about projects.

Outcomes Focused

We’re committed to business outcomes and see ourselves as a partner and extension of your company. Let’s win together.

Tool Agnostic

Have the freedom to choose which softwares are best for your company and we’ll match the right team member with deep knowledge to perform the tasks.


We continuously innovate, improve application knowledge and business processes at no expense to you. We just love getting better as a team!


Discovering the right strategies and tactics while identifying future opportunities is how we help you grow.

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