Simplify your work day with Virtual Assistant services

Get more done and accomplish your goals by hiring a virtual assistant.

LN creative group

Experienced Virtual Assistance to help you grow and scale.

At LN Creative Group, our team of experienced virtual assistants are here to help you organize, research, execute, and more remotely and reliably.

U.S Based Assistance

Our American Virtual Assistants partner with our international teams to ensure that tasks get done in an orderly fashion and communicated to you easily and effectively.

College Educated

All of our Virtual Assistants are college educated and many of them have higher degrees.  It is a minimum requirement for all U.S. and international VAs.


Being a Virtual Assistant fits many lifestyles and is sometimes a second career for many seasoned professionals who simply don’t enjoy working a regular 9 – 5.

How can you utilize Virtual Assistants?

Manage Schedule

Answer Your Inbox

Gather Research

Create Presentations

Plan & Book Travel

Create Social Media Posts & Designs

Organize Documents

Create Lead Lists

Who is using Virtual Assistants?

Small, Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Corporate Companies

Associations & Organizations

Local, State, & Federal Governments

E-Commerce Websites



It's simple and easy to get started.

Call us at 1 (855) 627 – 8343 or complete our contact us form to get started.

Contact Us for Complimentary Consultation

Don't be shy, start the conversation on your current virtual assistant needs, check on software requirements, and get a complimentary quote for you to assess while you shop around.


If we're so humbled to receive your business, you'll move on to our on-boarding process after signing on. During this time we take the time to get you set up and gain access to your work environment.

Month-to-Month Virtual Assistant

Once you're set up, you're assigned a U.S. based Virtual Assistant who coordinates with our team of Virtual Assistants domestically and internationally to get your tasks completed each month.

Fuss-Free Cancellation

We hate saying good-bye, but we also respect your time and decision. Cancel at any time by sending us a termination form provided to you. This puts your account into a 30 day off-boarding process and a final bill is issued. We save all your files and share them with you upon your final day. Come back for assistance any time!

Benefits of Virtual Assistants


Get up and running faster with our team of marketing technology experts. Consider us your off-site marketing department.


Whether you’re a startup or established business, ramping up or down is easy to save costs.

Consumption Based

Pay only for the services that you actually need and use rather than being forced into a program.


Our processes and delivery methods have been standardized so you have peace-of-mind about projects.

Outcomes Focused

We’re committed to business outcomes and see ourselves as a partner and extension of your company. Let’s win together.

Tool Agnostic

Have the freedom to choose which softwares are best for your company and we’ll match the right team member with deep knowledge to perform the tasks.


We continuously innovate, improve application knowledge and business processes at no expense to you. We just love getting better as a team!


Discovering the right strategies and tactics while identifying future opportunities is how we help you grow.

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